Available Chickens

We have 8 breeds available at Warwickshire Chickens from February to October. All of our hens are fully vaccinated prepared to lay. It is advisable to reserve pullets especially during Spring and early Summer.

Rhode Rock Chicken

Rhode Rock

The Rhode Rock is a beautiful coloured hen with a mixture of black and gold feathers in various degrees taken from crossing a Rhode Island Red cockerel with a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. One of the best known hybrid birds preferred by many smallholders due to their hardiness in all types of weather. Capable of laying 280(+) good quality brown eggs during their first year but will go on laying well in subsequent years.

Light Sussex Chicken

Light Sussex Hybrid

The Sussex is a very attractive good natured heavyweight hen, preferring a free range environment. Lays up to 260 light brown or cream coloured eggs in their first year.

Speckeldy Chicken


The Speckledy is a heavyweight hybrid bird resembling the Maran but with genes from the Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock. Producing good quality dark brown eggs, she will lay from about 22 weeks old and is capable of 260 eggs during the first year.

Blue Ranger Chicken

Blue Ranger

A large heavyweight but docile bird with different shades of bluey-grey feathers. Bred from the Rhode Island Red and Maran strains makes her capable of laying 250 light brown eggs from about 22 weeks old.

Calder Ranger Chicken

Calder Ranger

Sometimes also called the Columbian Blacktails due to the black feathering to wings and tails. A pretty and docile hen and highly prolific laying up to 320 eggs a year.

White Leghorn Chicken

White Leghorn

A small but pretty white hen noted for having a lovely fan shaped tail. They are highly prolific and will lay well over 300 large pure white eggs per year.


A lovely natured white hen having varying degrees of red or orange marking due to its parentage of a Rhode Island Red cockerel with a Rhode Island White female. Very friendly nature for those wanting chickens for pets as well as laying approximately 300 eggs per year.

Hy-Line Chicken


A charming and friendly brown egg laying chicken based upon the famous Rhode Island Red. Capable of laying 300(+) eggs in her first year and is the breed used by many commercial free range egg producers but also suits the smallholder and backyard keeper.