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Chickens for sale in Warwickshire. We have been supplying a variety of hybrid point of lay pullets from our small farm in South Warwickshire for the past 10 years. We have built a reputation for selling high quality birds at a sensible cost to smallholders, farmers, hobbyists and back garden chicken keepers, with many customers returning regularly. All our hybrids are available from 16 weeks old and are fully vaccinated. For full details, cost and stock availability please contact us by phone or the email enquiry.

It is advisable to reserve pullets especially during Spring and early Summer

It is important to call and arrange a convenient time to collect or view the chickens

Rhode Rock

  • 280(+) brown coloured eggs per year
  • Black & Gold Feathering

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Light Sussex Hybrid

  • Lays approx. 260 eggs per year
  • Lay cream or light brown coloured eggs

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  • Lays up to 260 dark brown eggs per year

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Blue Ranger

  • Lays around 250 light brown eggs per year
  • Bluey-grey coloured feathering

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Calder Ranger

  • Lays around 320 brown coloured eggs per year
  • White with black wings and tail feathers

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White Leghorn

  • Lays over 300 white coloured eggs per year
  • Lovely shaped tail

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  • Lays close to 300 large brown eggs per year
  • White hen with red or orange markings

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  • Lays over 300(+) brown eggs per year
  • Friendly bird suitable for all types of owner

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